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Tasty Tom Jollof Mix: The solution to all your Jollof Problems.

Tasty Tom Jollof Mix

Caraway, the company behind the popular Tasty Tom Tomato Paste product is soon launching the Tasty Tom Jollof Mix, a supposed all-in-one combo that helps you make your Jollof quicker and even more tastier.

The product is (as usual) is to be targeted towards the young female demography of West Africa.

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The Tomato Paste market in Nigeria is a highly competitive market with Gino from GB Foods being the leader with a 40% market share. Other players are Tasty Tom (from Caraway Foods- which is the No 2 brand), De Rica (the image leader, but seen as high priced also from Caraway Foods), Clappa, Sonia, Sweet Tomato, Fiametta, Vitali etc. There are also a host of others that are cheap Chinese imports into the market (through the grey channel).

The Tasty Tom Jollof Mix, under the success of its older brother wants to be the go to all in one solution to all your Jollof rice scenarios. Cooking Jollof rice with Tasty Tom Jollof Mix hasn't been more easier, cheaper and stress free.

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