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Go Slo Ice Cream Price in Nigeria and Where to Buy

Go Slo Ice Cream Price in Nigeria and Where to Buy

Go Slo Ice Cream price in Nigeria

What is the price of Go Slo Ice Cream in Nigeria? See it here...

Go Slo is a new premium Ice Cream brand from Fan Milk that launched in Nigeria about 2 months back in December 2019 to massive acceptance.

It held it's official launch/tasting party on the 10th of December that witnessed food bloggers, celebrities and media personalities alike attend the event.

Go Slo Ice Cream Flavors in Nigeria

The new premium Ice Cream brand comes in 4 distinct flavors namely Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Almond.

Go Slo Ice Cream price in Nigeria

So for those of you in Lagos, Nigeria searching for the price of the Go Slo Ice Cream, it retails for N1,150 for the 320ml size and N1,550 for the 460ml size.

Where to buy Go Slo Ice Cream?

You can buy your favorite flavors in all major supermarkets nationwide, that is, you're sure to see it in stores like Shoprite, Justrite, Blenco, Ebeano among others.

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